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30 May 2010 @ 12:34 am
Fire Emblem PICSPAM!  
☆ fire emblem picspam ☆
Because I'm kinda bored, feeling artistic, obsessed by FE9&10, and really want to share my love with everyone. It doesn't matter if you know about the series or not, you can just come look at the pretty art and who knows, maybe it'll make you want to start playing ♥


[Ike the Hero & Micaiah the Priestess]
The story is about a continent called TELLIUS where wars break out every now and then because everyone always argue. It seems to be a feudal era. Just that there's magic and wyverns and FREAKIN pegasus. The story of the two games is mainly about Ike, who starts as daddy's little boy who gets beat up by a wooden stick often. And then. And then he's a freakin hero with huge arms that hates politics and nobles and the like, who eats as much as a dragon, calls everyone by their first name even if they're a king or a queen or an empress and that can be friends with everyone. He's also one of the only Beorc (human) who doesn't treat the Laguz (half-human, half-animal) any differently than he would his kin, and ends up being bff with pretty much all of them. In the second game, a new main character is introduced. To be blunt, she's horrible. Ummm... everyone loves Micaiah and licks her boots because apparently she's amazing--even if pretty much any ennemy can kill her in one blow--she wants to restore the kingdom of Daein after it got it's ass wooped by Ike and his friends in the first game. The rest is spoilers.

[The Greil Mercenaries AKA Ike and the BAMFs]
Greil is Ike and Mist's daddy. He formed a group of mercenaries that quickly became a close-knit family. They're pretty much the main cast of the complete series since they're always there. AND YOU'RE HAPPY THEY ARE. Because. They kick serious ass. It's not even funny. See 2:44 of this video. You pretty much weep of happiness when this happens in RD because you just suffered through 10 chapters of Micaiah and her groupies scraping through. And then. AND THEN THESE GUYS POP UP AND YOU'RE LIKE WOWWWWW--what's up with this terrible voice acting

[The Laguz; The Raven, Hawk, Heron, Dragon, Lion, Wolf, Cat and Tiger tribes]
This is the twist to the world of Tellius. There's freakin HALF-BEASTS but don't call them that or they'll be angry/kill you. The Laguz are BAMFs that can shift between humanoid forms and animal forms. And they own everybody. Like, seriously. Only problem is that the relationship between the Laguz and the Beorc (Humans) aren't really great. It's a long story, but basically, throughout the two games we see interactions between Laguz and Beorc, and it's amazing how things can change. Mostly thanks to Ike because see, Ike becomes BFF with all of these guys--who're all royalty mind you, except Ranulf the blue-haired cat who can be Ike's boyfriend. There also happens to be a few Branded, who have Laguz and Beorc ancestors. They are rare and rejected by everyone, unless they hide their heritage. As in, hide a mark that appears on them.

Look, the characters have such great designs it's hard to hate them. On top of that, it's kinda unexpected, but the small conversations here and there really develop them, especially the support conversations in FE:PoR. And so, you actually have a huge cast of characters with different and special personalities. A-and everyone is good-looking. ...and I almost like as many girls as guys in this. WHAT. THE. HECK. And yes, I love all of the Laguz except the dragons okay

[ Boyd, Edward, Elincia, Geoffrey, Haar ]
[ Ike, Ilyana, Janaff, Kieran, Kyza ]
[ Leanne, Lethe, Lyre, Mia, Mist ]
[ Mordecai, Muarim, Naesala, Nailah, Nephenee ]
[ Oscar, Ranulf, Reyson, Rhys, Rolf ]
[ Shinon, Sigrun, Soren, Sothe, Stefan ]
[ Tibarn, Tormod, Vika, Volke, Volug ]

Believe it or not, canon pairings are EVERYWHERE in this... "choose a partner for this unit". To the point that at the end of RD, a lot of people freakin GET MARRIED. (Geoffrey&Elincia, Sothe&Micaiah, Boyd&Mist, Makalov&Astrid WTF, Haar&Jill umm no, Naesala&Leanne, Bastian&Lucia HUH?) Anyways, here are some of my favorite pairings, be they canon or not.

My favorites ever no matter what okay. I mean, after that ending, I was sure that Ike was gonna be Crimea's king but NOOO he's gay and she's having an affair with her retainer

...But I guess these two are awesome as well~ Given that they have an A support together at the end of RD, these two get married. And then I realized that means that Geoffrey is the freakin KING hnnggg~ And you guys should all know that after rival/i hate you pairings, princess/knight pairings are my favorite :'D


HAHAHA it makes me laugh, Soren the cockblocker, the love triangle with Aimee... and those awfully angsty and sad support convos in PoR "You're my friend... MY ONLY FRIEND" and then they leave for a distant land JUST THE TWO OF THEM if you get their support to A. I doubt this is only friendship.

Ike☆Ranulf {bromance}
ORRR Ike can leave Soren alone and go with Ranulf instead~ However, I consider these two more as bff than lovers. ffff I love this picture btw hahaha! moe

OH. YES. You all know how much I love rival/i hate you pairings~ Although in this case, it's one-sided rivality. Anyways, I can but imagine Rolf and Boyd's reactions :'D Also, Geoffrey in the middle sounds good

FFFFFFF I love them so much, why aren't they more popular :'( These two are canon as well, and pretty easy to get since they're both great in RD and work well together. BUT YES, the fact that Ike would without any doubts stalk them is part of the reason why I love these two together... A-and they're just so cute sappy teenage romance things;A;

LMAO this is like Lelouch/Shirley, I dislike both characters but I love them as a couple :'D Anyways, they get married for real at the end of the story.

WAAAA their support conversations are MY. FAVORITES. So cute and funny. "No, Kieran, don't go after the bear! NOOOO!"

This is the only pairing I like that is absolutely not implied... It's just that, I had their support together, and I love both, and went like ohhh... they're hot together... AND YEAH. Also because we haven't heard of any cross-species laguz couples.


Mordecai☆Stefan {bromance}
Mordecai is pretty much the only person Stefan opens up to... and there's something special about the two of them :'D

"We're destined to meet!" "We are?" "Yes!  I can't think of anyone else that could be the man of my destiny!"

As in, the characters I love using the most in the games.

5☆rhys [bishop]
FFFFFFFFF Rhys was my favorite character for a loooong time. I love him as a character, but then. BUT THEN. Once he becomes a Bishop in PoR and a Saint in RD. WOW. You can put the freakin priest guy on the frontline and nobody can touch him. And Light magic is freakin awesome. And as a healer, he couldn't be more helpful.

4☆geoffrey.kieran.oscar [paladin]
I put the three together because they're all as great as the other. Paladins have always been my favorite class, since they're good with EVERY stat. A-and these three are just so hnnnngggg hhhhot oh god. Geoffrey's terrible availibility in both games makes me weep tho.
3☆stefan [swordmaster]
WAAAAAAH STEFAN This guy. oh my. *fans self* He's untouchable. He always hits. He hits HARD. And it's very likely that Soan, the Lion Laguz that fought alongside the goddess, is his grandfather or something. And. He's just. WONDERFUL. Only problem is his AWFUL availibility in RD.

2☆edward [trueblade]
Now, there once was a band of cheap bandits who sucked terribly. However, amongst that group, there was this one guy. He's random, has no relation to the main cast whatsoever. But. BUT THEN. He becomes a Swordmaster. Better yet! A TRUEBLADE. And then, that little random kid Edward becomes FA.BU.LOUS. He's even faster and more evasive than Stefan, and starts from really low so he grows SO DAMN MUCH. That's why I like him WAAAY better than Lucia, Zihark and Mia. Aaaand he can k-kill H-haa-Haar. I weeped. Brave Sword+Astra. Oh shit.

1☆haar [wyvern lord]
Hahahaha, Haar. Oh, Haar. You've got this guy who's hobby is to sleep. But, oh my. On the battlefield. He. He just. HE KILLS EVERYTHING IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. He's pretty much every class combined--a tank like a General, only with the speed and evasion of a swordmaster. His wyvern flies, so he can go everywhere on the field in matters of seconds. The ultimate tactic is to just, put him there in the middle of the ennemies. They'll all jump him. He'll kill them all. I'm terrifying with my "MUAHAHAHAHA"s everytime an ennemy attacks Haar only to get crushed. Oh, and I like dragons. A lot. And Haar's wyvern is so adorable~ And just, Haar. I love him. He's so loyal to who he trusts, and he just comes off as such a nice guy. Did I mention how destructive he is


FFFFFFF Myrmidons/Swordmaster/Trueblades are my favorite class, seriously~ I've always been a fan of STRIKE HARD, STRIKE FAST anyways. But Edward and Stefan are the best to me, definitely.

Stupid character who looks awesome ;A;

WAAAA so cute~ Going after Yune and a Heron is always a good idea. Ranulffff~

This terrifies me... especially Shinon what the

DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE THE WOLF LAGUZ so sad Nailah and Volug are the only ones we see, because they sure make sexy representants of their tribe hnnnggg

Aaaaand here we have a few characters from other FE titles~ And a hot Geoffrey too

SIGRUN!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH IDEK. She's so pretty~

This was before he grew a dick and she grew boobs GO AWAY BRAT

OH LOL these two make for the hyperness in the Greil Mercenaries, I love them for that~

Lethe and Lyre~ I love the cat sisters :'D

Mordecai and Stefan again, yay~

Another moe relationship between Laguz and Beorc~ Rhys was just, SO ADORABLE in the support convos with Ulki :'D "WOOO-HOOO!"

LMAO the Crimean Royal Knights~ Who're pretty messed up in RD because Astrid, Marcia, Makalov and Danved/Devdan aren't even Crimean wtf And I never understood why Kieran has a red armor while everyone in the army has green/blue armor. BUT ANYWAYS THIS IS FABULOUS~ I love them even if I just put Kieran and Geoffrey in the middle of the fray while the others hide in a corner

THE BROTHERS~~~ Real awesome bromance here. Rolf is moe Boyd is hot Oscar is beautiful, and they're all so different and awesome in their own way, and their interactions!! Despite always arguing, they really love each other, and waaaaah their story is rather tragic ;A;

I do not own any of the art used here, all rights belong to their respective owners.
Tell me if you know any of the artists! I'll credit them properly.
Feel free to link to this entry, however DO NOT hotlink the images.
Thanks for looking! Comments would be lovely, just so I know my time was well wasted!
Mrs. Nagakura: Keiji ♠ Life goes onrise_kujikawa on May 30th, 2010 03:23 pm (UTC)
FE is just amazing like that &hearts

HAHAHAHA! I apologize to your dog xD Hehe &hearts

SERIOUSLY. While playing, you just put an unit next to another and then... 'hey they look good together' :'D

It's kinda creepy how everyone agrees on Micaiah! Pretty much everyone hates her but loves her design hahahaha...